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January 31, 1897

January 31, [1897]

Dear Elsie,
To begin with, Callie’s address is 165 Lafayette St. Brooklyn N.Y. At least that was what it was the last time I heard from her. It is now the middle of the examination season but I have not had any yet. Mine come so very badly and I have seven to take. My first one Literature doesn’t come until Tuesday afternoon. Continue reading

May 10, 1897

May 10, 1897, [postmark]

Dear Sister,
Many thanks for the “pome.”* It is quite a piece of work. I hope your essay is in so near a state of completion. How is it getting along? And how is the valedictory: Let me offer my hearty congratulations to my smart sister. Continue reading

May 21, 1899

May 21, 1899

Dear Mamma,
Did you ever see such weather? No sun for three days! Now I like a rainy day except when I want to print pictures. That’s the trouble just now. All the pictures I took Field Day have been waiting three days to be printed and I am crazy to see what they are going to look like. Continue reading