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December 1, 1895

Dec. 1, 1895

Dear Mamma –
Had a fine time at Somerville as you can imagine but will begin at beginning. Maud Burroughs was going home then and I was going along with her so as to be sure of getting everything all right but she went at 12:19 and I couldn’t go until 1:49 because I had a class which lasted until 12:30. When I got to the depot it was crowded, certainly about 300 girls were there and what a rush there was for the train. Continue reading

May 21, 1899

May 21, 1899

Dear Mamma,
Did you ever see such weather? No sun for three days! Now I like a rainy day except when I want to print pictures. That’s the trouble just now. All the pictures I took Field Day have been waiting three days to be printed and I am crazy to see what they are going to look like. Continue reading