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December 4, 1898

December 4, 1898

Dear Mamma,
Lots of things to consult you about and first of all about my coming home. I have a recitation Wednesday afternoon Dec. 14 the day College closes and so I could not possibly get home that night. I had suggested going and staying with ILA that night and then meeting you in Hartford the next day. But I now have another scheme. Continue reading

February 20, 1899

[Feb 20, 1899, postmark]

Dear Papa,
Many happy returns of the yesterday to you!! And now today I’m “of age”. I just do wish that time did not skim along so fast.
I celebrated my birthday and astonished the natives by getting down to breakfast on time this morning. Not that I’m going to turn over a new leaf and make it the rule of my life to always go down early. Oh, no. What’s the advantage? Continue reading