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January 16, 1899


Dear Mamma,
If you are just worrying yourself sick over my condition which is by no means serious, you had better stop it right off, or I shall not report any other of my weaknesses. Continue reading

January 20, 1899

Jan 20- [18]99

Dear Mama,
Received your letter tonight, but had rather expected one from you before. Thought you would worry so, you would write straight off to learn more particulars etc. though no more were necessary. But you can stop your worrying immediately as I am feeling much better. Continue reading

June 12, 1898

[June 12, 1898]

Dear Mamma,
We have at last had our Line Day and a fine time we did have though of course not so much fun as we had our freshmen year. I took ten pictures but they were not very good as the light was very bad. Still some of them may print well. Continue reading