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February 26, 1899

Feb. 26-[18]99

Dear Mamma,
Was delightfully surprised at receiving another letter from you last week. It is a good idea about inviting ILA but I just don’t know whether I will or not. I was planning to have someone visit me the 10th but was going to ask Anna. She has expressed a great desire to see Julia Marlowe* so I told her I would meet her in town & go with her to see her. Continue reading

June 12, 1898

[June 12, 1898]

Dear Mamma,
We have at last had our Line Day and a fine time we did have though of course not so much fun as we had our freshmen year. I took ten pictures but they were not very good as the light was very bad. Still some of them may print well. Continue reading

March 23, 1896

March 23, 1896, [postmark]

Dear Mama –
I was so surprised when I received your last letter. Of course I wrote to Fannie immediately. What an awful blow it must be for them all though I fancy Uncle Ed feels it the deepest? Continue reading

March 25, 1899

Mar 25, 1899

Dear Mamma,
Agatha has decided to spend her vacation in New York. So I was obliged to decline an invitation from Fannie asking us down there for a day or two. Continue reading

May 10, 1897

May 10, 1897, [postmark]

Dear Sister,
Many thanks for the “pome.”* It is quite a piece of work. I hope your essay is in so near a state of completion. How is it getting along? And how is the valedictory: Let me offer my hearty congratulations to my smart sister. Continue reading

May 29, 1898

May 29, 1898

Dear Mamma,
I am sorry to begin talking about money but I haven’t got a cent – am in fact 90 cents in debt and have got to buy material for the Line Day gown tomorrow. Thank goodness ‘twill cost only 50 cents I am going to be a butterfly. You know Line Day is a Senior and freshmen affair as Sophomores & Juniors have only to dress in fancy costumes. Continue reading