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January 15, 1899

Jan. 15 – [18]‘99

Dear Mamma,
How are all you getting along now that the person who made you so much trouble is out of the way? I hope Phoebe is all right and that no one has been taken sick, so you can put in some of the rest you need so much. Continue reading

January 18, 1899

[Jan] 18-1899

My dear Mamma,
The appearance of the eruption which I mentioned to you has solved the mystery of my disease. Dr. Bancroft said today that it was “shingles” that I had. This is as you doubtless know a skin disease closely connected with the sensory nerves. He gave me some medicine – something to apply externally and also something to take internally. Continue reading

January 23, 1899


Dear Mamma,
Were you disappointed not to get a letter from me yesterday? But I just didn’t have a minute’s time so I thought I would wait and write after seeing your letter tonight. You see I didn’t get up until almost dinner time as I was rather tired & thought I would get in a little rest when I could. Continue reading

March 5, 1899


Dear Mamma,
You didn’t write as I asked you to advising me who to invite for next Sunday. Although I shall not write until I hear from you Monday, I think I shall send the following scheme to Anna. Continue reading