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December 1, 1895

Dec. 1, 1895

Dear Mamma –
Had a fine time at Somerville as you can imagine but will begin at beginning. Maud Burroughs was going home then and I was going along with her so as to be sure of getting everything all right but she went at 12:19 and I couldn’t go until 1:49 because I had a class which lasted until 12:30. When I got to the depot it was crowded, certainly about 300 girls were there and what a rush there was for the train. Continue reading

December 4, 1898

December 4, 1898

Dear Mamma,
Lots of things to consult you about and first of all about my coming home. I have a recitation Wednesday afternoon Dec. 14 the day College closes and so I could not possibly get home that night. I had suggested going and staying with ILA that night and then meeting you in Hartford the next day. But I now have another scheme. Continue reading