May 23, 1897

May 23, 1897, [postmark]

Dear Mamma,
Amy is here with me at last. She came yesterday noon. ’98 gave a reception dance to ’99 in the afternoon so she went to that with me. We had an awfully nice time and I introduced her [to] some of the nicest girls in college. I am so glad that this dance took place because I had such an opportunity to introduce her around. The dance was in the Barn which has been beautifully fixed up with electric lights, good floor, etc. Music was furnished by a hurdy gurdy and the tambourinist Marie Grasse. The music was simply fine and it was such fun to watch Marie play. She was so fascinating. Dressed in height of Italian style, embroidered silk, beads, etc. Before we went to the dance, I took Amy out on the Lake. We watched the crews and went over to see Humerells Gardens. In the evening we went to a Barn Swallows meeting. A little farce was given which was awfully cute. After ‘twas over we danced some more and I introduced Amy to some more people – chief among them being Mary Haskell, president of the Barn Swallows and the most popular girl in College. She danced with Amy and Amy was more than charmed with her. This morning we visited lots of the girls, went over to Forendaga to see Helen Davis – Somerville girl – and went to church. Amy had to leave this afternoon however as she goes to college tomorrow and has to study before she can go. She was delighted with Wellesley and even spoke of coming here next year if she could enter the sophomore class. All the girls liked her and I was well satisfied with her visit. She has just got a new bicycle and has got up such a reputation that her mother always asks when she comes in the house, “Well what did you run into this time?” She has run down six people already according to her story. She is such fun and talks so easily and readily and interestingly. I went to Fiske to supper this evening with Gertrude Desol.
When is Elsie’s graduation? Float comes the 16 I think. Line Day the 4 and exams begin the 8. What day does Miss Penfield sail on what line and boat? Fraulein Menckenbach, Mitzlauff, Elsbeth Mueller and Habermayer are going to Germany the 19 on the “Persian” I think. I thought Fraulein Penfield said that she was going the 19 so if tis the same boat she may see them. Please send me some stamps. I am several in debt already. And I shall need some money soon, this is merely a warning. Share the class boat $1.70, class pin 3.50, paying for Amy’s meals, for Callie’s (if she comes. She spoke about coming to see me in May) for tickets home. Line Day expenses and pictures, etc. I don’t know yet how much I shall need but I will] let you know that such a request is coming soon.
Tomorrow there is to be a basketball match between ’99 & 1900. Am afraid ’99 will get beaten as the team is not very good. Tomorrow also we choose our rooms. I drew No. 80! Not very good nor yet very bad everybody seemed to get huge numbers. Most our crowd got over a hundred. I wonder where my next year’s room will be. Not here certainly as all the single rooms are already taken by seniors. Think of my being a junior next year? Cannot write any more but will make up long letter with love. The best of it to you all!


Hope the essay is already done. Wish my numerous papers were. Please describe the changes at home. Then I can hear about & see them both.

Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed by Heddy Panik.