March 25, 1899

Mar 25, 1899

Dear Mamma,
Agatha has decided to spend her vacation in New York. So I was obliged to decline an invitation from Fannie asking us down there for a day or two.
ILA is not here this week either on account of two deaths in Junior Class, the juniors postponed the dance they were to have given the seniors last night. When I found this out, I sent a special delivery letter to Ila telling her of the change and suggesting that she postpone her visit a week for there is nothing but that dance going on this week, so had she come there would have been nothing for her to go to. It stormed all day yesterday so it just as well she didn’t come as we should have had a horrid day in Boston. Now next Saturday night there is to be a Barn Swallows meeting at which several of the Faculty will take part so it will be sure to go well. Then the Monday after is the Junior Play given to freshmen. The dress rehearsal to which the college is invited comes in morning so that ILA can take that in before leaving for home Mon. noon. I didn’t send the letter until Thursday P.M. and didn’t know whether she would get it in time or not so I didn’t know whether she was coming in until the train came in Friday P.M. I left it entirely to her whether she would come or not. Told her it wouldn’t make a spark of difference to me which time she came but thought she would have the better time if she postponed her visit – which she did.
I am to be very busy both this week & next but hope to get along all right. Have in fact been involved for the last few weeks. Our class has its social Monday at what we are to appear as emigrants. An Academic Council is to be presented in which different members of the faculty will be taken off by girls in class. I know it will be great fun.
It was the most dreadful thing for 1900 to lose two of its girls. Fortunately both girls lived at home so the College is in no way responsible. Marian Sullivan who lived in village had been fatally ill for the last four months and just died yesterday morning. Eleanor Smith who lived in So. Natick was at college last Saturday and was taken with appendicitis Sun. An operation was performed Monday morning and she died Tues. morning. Did you ever hear of anything so sudden. The funeral was Friday and over half the class went. A great many of the Faculty including Mrs. Irvine went too. Now I suppose they will ask time out again tomorrow at the other funeral.
Mrs. Irvine retired because she is a scholar and wants to study more. She took the office with reluctance intending to retire as soon as occasion offered. She handed in her resignation over a year ago but was finally induced to stay one year longer, so she will go out with ’99. Thank goodness she didn’t go last year.
It seems as if I am asking for money all the time – as indeed I am – but I really can’t help it. I must have some more before I come home. To be sure I still have some but I just can’t make it do.
Assessment cost $ 2.00
Ila’s meals etc. 2.50
Boston with her
tickets, dinner 2.00
Chemistry book 1.20
To come home 3.00

And these are only the big things – oh, I forgot my laundry. I am moreover crazy to go in town to hear Nordica in Lohengrin next Monday night with our table. That will cost only $2.00 including ticket-fare, chaperon etc. But of course I shall not go unless you send money enough. Please send it to me during the week so I may know just what I can do.
Took Dr. Roberts pictures Friday. Had written lesson in Chem III last Friday. Will have one in Chem IV next Wednesday – and then have some in Math & Economics later on. Have a paper due at 9:00 April 11 – the very first thing after I get back. Isn’t that mean? For of course I shall have to do it before I go. Have society party meeting week after I get back & so will have to work on that now. And then to have company for 3 days.


Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed by Heddy Panik