June 26, 1899 (from Elsie)

June 26, 1899, [postmark]

Dear People –
We are having the grandest time imaginable. Something going on all the time – but you can’t think what a bother it is not to have a watch or clock. We never have the remotest idea what time it is. In the morning you know, we don’t know whether it is the middle of the night or the middle of the day – and the clocks of the house are either stopped or slow.
We expect to go to Beverly Wed. sometime but we probably won’t stay there very long. Why haven’t some of you people written to us, you have nothing else to do? How is everything getting along in Avon? I suppose you are tired of hearing that question but – were the pictures good you took of the play, Carl? And does Jessie give you enough to eat? There is the homeliest dog here and his name is Patsy. Mamma is really getting quite thin we have walked so much since we have been here. Did you know that the whole class of ’99 passed all right? Wasn’t that fine. It is the second class that ever has. Mildred and Phil left Sat. morning and Mildred left her jacket. Mabel Parton gave Mabel an awfully funny drinking cup. There is a trick about it and you can’t drink only a certain way. It is a great curiosity. Mildred gave Mabel a Venus head. Phil gave her a picture and Frances gave her a belt buckle. I guess those are all the things she has had so far.
Well, I suppose it is time to stop so rejoice and be glad.


Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed by Heddy Panik