June 22, 1899 (from Mamma)

June 22, 1899

My dear husband,
I am in Mabel’s room, the children have started off sight-seeing. Phil and Mildred will go to Beverly, and our children to Boston & Bunker Hill and to Somerville to lunch. It is a perfect day and everything is lovely here. The only misfortune was that float had to be given up to the great disappointment of at least 5,000 visitors. If the shower had hastened or delayed its coming they could have gone through the programme but after waiting around till the sprinkle became a downpour we adjourned to College Hall where the band played, crews paraded, students sang and gave their different cheers. Last night we came up to the Shakespearean play after which the crowd adjourned to the lakeside where the different crews performed. The children went home to dinner at seven but Mabel and her friends provided a lunch for the mothers on the balcony outside the rooms of two of the girls. We had a lively time. I wish you were here. Right here let me say what a thoughtful hostess Mabel is. She has thought of everything for our comfort and she is so good to introduce her mother to noted people. Miss Cooley took us over her department, then took Carl out on the lake. This morning we came up to chapel. Mrs. Irvine officiated and I can tell you it was an impressive sight when the Seniors marched in wearing their caps and gowns. It was their last service together and although I was only a visitor and couldn’t hear Mrs. Irvine’s words, the lump came in my throat and my eyes filled. But I can’t write any more but we shall have enough to talk about for a long time. A young lady has just come in so I will stop.
Have just arisen from a nap but as I have no timepiece don’t know what time but I am going to post this lest it be too late when the children return. Carl will probably go home tomorrow. I suppose you know the Math prize was divided between him and another being a tie.

Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed by Heddy Panik