June 1899 (from Mamma)

June 1899

Dear Home people –
It is a lovely day, or so promises to be, for the events of the day seem to call for pleasant weather. Anna and Amy are coming out at noon. Yesterday we went to hear the Baccalaureate sermon by a Dr. Richards of New Jersey. The seniors all marched and dressed in white, a pretty sight. After all were seated it just poured but they got no harm from it. At six we all went up to Vespers which was grand, the organ was fine, the keyboard was movable and was connected to the pipes by electric cable. After the close of the large vespers we went to the Agora Vespers and heard some fine solos. In the afternoon all of our girls came down from college, one of them bringing her violin and we had a concert of a couple of hours. There are three fathers and two are brothers staying here. The rest I should say about thirty are women and we mothers have a good time talking. In fact mothers seem to predominate. One special object of interest we hear on all sides, “I want you to meet mother.” There are such lovely dresses here. At the garden party it was a gorgeous picture.
Saturday afternoon we went to a tea given by three or four girls, cake and ice cream were served and although Papa and Carl wouldn’t appreciate the gowns, I wish Jessie could have seen them. Mabel went to a swell tea where 800 invitations had been issued and they had an orchestra and a caterer to provide for them. This was a graduation present to one of the girls. Just think of the expense. I am anticipating a grand time tomorrow. The faculty will wear their gowns & hoods. We have seats in the gallery and shall be able to see it all nicely. Hamilton Mabie will give the address – oh I forgot to tell you went to President’s reception Sat. evening in the rain but it was fine, so small, but the people were gathering so I will stop with love,


Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed by Heddy Panik