January 18, 1899

[Jan] 18-1899

My dear Mamma,
The appearance of the eruption which I mentioned to you has solved the mystery of my disease. Dr. Bancroft said today that it was “shingles” that I had. This is as you doubtless know a skin disease closely connected with the sensory nerves. He gave me some medicine – something to apply externally and also something to take internally. So I suspect I shall soon be all well again. The eruption itself does not bother me very much except under the arm where it rubs together. The muscular pain is not so intense and my right arm only tingles somewhat as fingers do when they are frozen. So you see I am not very uncomfortable and expect to get along swimmingly. I have told you every symptom, so you see you need not worry.
Received the long delayed class letter today and had a glorious time reading the different letters.
We had an interesting social meeting of the Agora tonight. Had pictures of 30 men connected with news. I only guessed 14 of them! The winner of first prize got 21 & winner of second prize got 17. Winner of booby got 3! I guess about half of the girls got nine & half of them got less than I did. We had a particularly happy time tonight as it was announced that Rachel Reeve’s father had given $100 toward our Agora House!
Fraulein can’t come. We are so sorry as I am sure she would have enjoyed nothing more than she would have enjoyed the French play. My, isn’t that an awkward sentence? I got started & couldn’t make it come out well. Excuse it.
Tell Lud he can sympathize with me having had shingles. Yes, I’ll let you all sympathize if you want, too – but don’t you dare to worry!


This is my last stamp.

Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed by Heddy Panik.