January 16, 1899


Dear Mamma,
If you are just worrying yourself sick over my condition which is by no means serious, you had better stop it right off, or I shall not report any other of my weaknesses.
I have passed a very comfortable day, in spite of the mustard plasters and Chemistry Quiz tomorrow. I think the mustard did some good as I don’t think I ache so much tonight. The latest development is a funny little eruption coming out around my shoulder and under my arm. It is like clusters of little blisters and it is just where the mustard plaster was not placed. Now explain that if you can. Another funny feature is that it does not itch and I am thankful of my mercies.
I did feel so cheap this afternoon. I was lying around in my bath robe when Alice Millet brought in three Beverly girls to see me. I am afraid they did not see me at my best.
It was so thoughtful of you to think of sending me that notice about Elsie but I should have appreciated it rather more if you had sent it. Remember it in your next. Tell Elsie to tell about Johnnie’s surprise party. The lilies are lovely. Wish I could “see them as they are.” The ivy slip is a beauty & I hope it will grow O.K.
There is to be a grand French play given next Sat. by French Department & Lillian has invited Fraulein. I hope she can come as she would enjoy that more than anything else.
Now don’t you work too hard cleaning up etc. and above all don’t you worry about me. I am in good hands & am well treated & am keeping up with all my lessons so you needn’t worry on that score. Remember!!!!!


I wish you would save Agatha’s letters, the one she wrote you as well as the one she wrote me.

Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed by Heddy Panik.