February 22, 1899

Feb. 22, 1899

Dear Mamma,
I don’t see why you felt disappointed about the box. It was just grand and I was by no means the only one who thought so. The cake was particularly good both cake & filling being done just right. Elsie must have been dreaming when she spoke about a hard crust. And the candies the girls couldn’t believe that they were home made. Were’t they better than those you made for the Fair? They were just elegant. Wish they had lasted longer. And you may be sure the popcorn is all gone. Had a party last night and now have only a few ginger snaps – say those were fine. Where did you get them? I hope Papa keeps them – about quarter of the cake, about third of the jam – that too went right to the spot. I went down after some crackers so we had a jam course and a few oranges is now all that remains from the bounteous supply you sent.
Were the leaftea tablets my medicine? There was nothing else that could be called medicine. Far from it. Now the handkerchief Elsie made is a beauty. It is hemstitched & embroidered so gloriously. How long did it take the kid to do it? And she was a dear to give up her dearly beloved velvet brush but I do not feel that I can rob her of it. I know she would prefer her own to any other so I will borrow it until Easter after Mamma has had a chance to go to Hartford. Had a lovely party at our table Monday in my honor. There was a vacancy so I had a guest – Helen Davis. We drew slips of paper upon which were names of animals & then we had to illustrate the animal we drew. I had to make a horse. Miss Locke made such a crazy pig nobody guessed it. Several thought it might be a sheep. It had no snout at all – but a high forehead – a nose like Cyrano* & a chin. Then we had ice cream etc. and my flowers were a dozen lovely carnations, white & light pink. They do look so pretty in my room, spreading out of a tall narrow vase. I took a picture of my room by electric light last night, exposed it for an hour & a half. Hope it will be good but it is the first of the sort I have tried. This morning received card containing my marks for the first semester and – congratulate me – I got “Credit” in everything!!!! So I now feel easier about being able to get through in order to graduate for I could graduate if I didn’t get credit in a single thing this second semester though of course I should have to pass everything. A senior has to pass half of the work with credit & I had already done that – but I hope to do more – & expect to get credit in a few things at least in June.
All the girls said that it was an elegant box and wondered how you knew just the right things to send. They said they were all going to send you a note of thanks but they probably won’t but you can tell how they felt about it even if you don’t hear from them.
Wonder if Elsie wishes she were here tonight. Glee & Mandolin Club concert. I wish she were as its lots more fun to have a guest than to be without one. I have not bought a ticket but will stand outside the door.
Concert is now over & it was a grand success. Mrs. Quinn gives reception to seniors on Sat. & Mon. & I haven’t any white gloves to wear. I want short dressed kid* ones or else I would ask you to send those of yours. If I can send to B-I will get some as I shall want them for other things. Shall probably have to borrow a lot. This spring I must have a good hat, black chenille,* feathers etc. Many many thanks for box. In haste.

Lovingly, –

*chenille – a soft cloth made of wool, silk or cotton.
*Cyrano- from the play “Cyrano de Bergerac”. The character is portrayed as having a long nose.
*kid gloves – leather gloves made from young goat skin.

Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed and footnotes added by Heddy Panik.