East Avon Post Office

East Avon Post Office Chronology

 Early Days  The location of the East Avon Post Office crosses back and forth across Main Street as often as the U.S. changes presidents and new postmasters are assigned.   The first post office is located in the Marshall Tavern and moves to the canal building, which was built by Seth Wheeler and Francis Wooford  in 1830.  After this the post office is located in various stores in East Avon.

1841  James Hilton buys  Lattimer’s Grocery Store on the site of the Town Hall and serves here as postmaster until 1854.

1858  Samuel Hadsell becomes postmaster and the post office remains in Lattimer’s store until 1870.

1870  The post office moves to the old Baptist Church building, which had become a general store.

1881  The post office is relocated to Bela Crocker Kellogg’s harness shop.

1885   The post office moves to the old hotel.

1897   Oliver Bishop becomes postmaster and operates out of his general store until 1913. Earl  McChesney follows Bishop briefly in this location.

1914   Will LeGeyt takes office as postmaster and establishes the post office in the old Martin Steele   blacksmith shop next to the town hall.  LeGeyt serves there for the next seven years.

1921   Willis Chidsey becomes postmaster and builds a small building near the charter oak tree located  in the center of Old Farms Road and operates the post office on that site until 1933, at which  time he moves the small building to his back yard on East Main Street.

1933   George Manion becomes postmaster and moves the post office to the building next door.  It later  operates out of the Canal Administration Building (home of Mrs. Cornelius Wheeler next to East  Avon Congreational Church) until 1968.

1968   Current post office opens.  George Manion dies.