December 4, 1898

December 4, 1898

Dear Mamma,
Lots of things to consult you about and first of all about my coming home. I have a recitation Wednesday afternoon Dec. 14 the day College closes and so I could not possibly get home that night. I had suggested going and staying with ILA that night and then meeting you in Hartford the next day. But I now have another scheme. Instead of going to ILA’s I had rather go to Boston. Agatha is going to spend part of her vacation there doing settlement work etc. etc. and she wants me to stay with her that Wednesday night and go to see Nat Goodwin & Marxian Elliot in “Nathan Hale.” I am crazy to see them but their engagement in town comes just during the vacation and so I could not see them unless I do that night. Then I can leave Boston according to your arrangement. Either leave at 9 A.M. so arriving in Hartford at 12 and so having the whole P.M. to shop with you as we needn’t go home until last train. Or if you couldn’t meet me in town I could leave Boston at 12 getting home at 5:14 – the earliest possible train I could get home on in any arrangement. Or I could leave at 4, stay with ILA that night and meet you in Htfd Friday. Now you are to decide which of these plans I shall adopt & please let me know right off so I can let ILA know if I am coming there. I haven’t heard from her since summer but we separated with the understanding that I could come there on my way home Christmas though of course I needn’t go if you should decide on any other plan.
Agatha is going to spend part of her vacation in Glastonbury with Louise Williams and then I think she will come to Avon from Jan 1-5. Aren’t you glad to hear it? You must tell her so.
The next thing on the program is that you must send me some money. You see the Laboratory fees are now due and as I have two courses in Chemistry, there is quite a little sum to be paid. I have one course which has laboratory work throughout the year and that means $ 5.00. But my other course has lab work only during last semester and so that will be probably only $2.25. Then I must have some money to come home on and I wish you would send it right off as we have to buy our tickets this week. Just think. Next week I shall be home with you all. I can hardly realize it. Please have you got a good stock of popcorn on hand? I am so hungry for some.
Lillian has just gone home. I had her up to dinner with me this noon. Another matter of importance. We are to choose our class photographs Tuesday and special arrangements will be made for those girls who want their pictures before Christmas. I think it would be a grand thing to give my college phiz* as Christmas gifts. What do you think about it? It will be rather hard getting there before Christmas as I have so much to do Saturday & Monday are engaged by dances etc. I might sit for them the Thursday after College closes while I am in there and not leave Boston till 12 or 4 in that case I should have to carry my cap & gown & all changes of apparel in my hands all the way home. Then I want your advice as to what I shall wear on that momentous occasion. One in cap & gown & shirt waist* of course – and then about the others? For a light waist* I think my pink waist would look better than my white dress, don’t you? How would it do to have some in my blue suit & hat? And how would you like one in my house dress. The waist would take good in that but isn’t it a bit old-fashioned? The prices offered us will be 50 pictures for $7-$8. Isn’t that reasonable? I think I shall try to go in & sit before Christmas and then if the results are pleasing will have some finished up & if they are not will have to sit again. But I fear I feel a boil coming out on my chin. If it materializes I must of course give up the idea of having it done before Christmas.
Agatha has just been in and we have about decided that we would like to go together to have pictures taken that Thursday after vacation begins. I could bring my cap & gown home all right I guess in a special box it came in though twould be an awful nuisance. Or I might come out to Wellesley & bring it & then come on from Wellesley. But it would take much longer to do this as I would have to wait etc, which if I came direct from Boston I could have an express to Htfd. Then I could come either on 12 and come right home & go in Htfd again with you or come at 4:00 & stay with ILA & meet you Friday. I think this would be best scheme, don’t you? So as to get shopping done as soon as possible.
My silk waist is actually wearing out & I am sorry to see it go. I like it so much this way. I enclose list of people I invited to my tea & have checked those that came.
The racquet is either Louis’ or Horace’s. I think its Horace’s as I think Louis said he took his home.
Now please write directly sending money & answering questions.
Best love to all & S.Y.L.


Please get a cat before I come home.
A Mr. Wilder of Wellesley has left $50,000 to College.

*Catherine Andrews *Mary Barbour *Jennine Berns
Anna Blackmer *Bess Blakeslee *Mary Bliss
*Helen Bogart *Phoebe Bogart *Ethel Bowman
*Lucy Briggs *Clara Brown *Mary Clark
*Anna Cross *Helen Davis Bertha Doane
*Helen Dungin Catherine Dwight *Belle Fletcher
*Grace French *Ella Green *Martha Griswold
Gertrude Hubbs Anne Judd Agnes Ketcham
Alice Kirkpatrick Florence Larp *Mary Lauderbach
Margaret Mills *Edith Moore Carolyn Morse
*Minnie Oppenheimer *Gertrude Pearce Grace Phenisister
*Mary Pierce *Molly Pringle *Adeline Putnam
Laura Read *Rachel Reave *Florence Root
Olive Rosencranz *Edna Rounds *Edna Sanderson
*Myra Sandill *Edna Seward Emma Seward
*Anne Siebert *Lullia Smith *Agatha Somma
*Alice Upham *Belle Warren Lilla Ward
*Marion Whitehouse *Louise Williams *Anna Wolfson
*Edith Wright Lucy Wright *Clara Woodbury

* phiz – human face.
* shirt waist – a woman’s dress with a tailored button down bodice similar to a shirt.
*waist – is a common 19th century term used throughout the Edwardian and Victorian period to describe the bodice of a dress, a blouse or a woman’s shirt. It was exquisitely designed and usually worn with a fairly plain long skirt.

Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed and footnotes added by Heddy Panik.