December 11, 1898

Dec. 11, 1898

Dear Mamma,
Farewell to cherished and economical plan of giving Senior pictures for Christmas gifts! Agatha and I went to town last Thursday and posed and although Agatha’s are good, mine are utterly worthless. Such looking things I never saw! Must be I looked like that though think I must be tired so am not going to try again until after Christmas when I shall have become rested. Just think. I had six settings and not one of them was decent. I will bring them home with me to give you something to laugh over.
I had a letter from ILA this last week and she is expecting me to stay with her Wed. night. I wrote & told her that I would prefer coming Thursday night but have not heard from her since. I will telephone on my arrival there & also the next morning to find out whether or not you are coming in and if you don’t come, I shall get home on the nine o’clock. So unless you hear something to the contrary I shall expect to meet you Friday morning at the Hartford Station about 8:30.
I was so distressed over our last letter and to think of Annie’s leaving just at this time. Can’t you make her come back until just after Christmas? Or can’t you get someone else? Will it make any difference about Agatha’s coming for a few days? You don’t say anything about her coming in your last letter. Don’t you want her?
Am having a very busy time these last days. Had a glorious time yesterday. In afternoon went to dance given by Phi Sigma girls and in evening went to doll show, candy sale, dance, etc. etc. for benefit of College. Settlement made over $100. Think of that! Wouldn’t Avon be doing well to do likewise?
This afternoon – or rather noon – went down to Miss Nye’s to dinner and spent most of the afternoon there. Lillian is crazy to get home again. Went to Christmas vespers this evening after going to supper with Helen Davis.
Tomorrow night ’99 gives to 1900 a “bal de poured” – a dance to which we wear white dresses and powdered hair. Won’t that be pretty? All the decorations are to be white and green so I imagine twill be a pretty sight. But oh I must study so hard tomorrow as I have three written lessons on Tuesday. Isn’t it cruel to have so many come on the last day? And I have got to do lots of study on them too – more’s the pity. Not that I don’t like to study on them but the fact of they’re all coming on one day is where the sad part comes in.
I will say for Elsie’s benefit that my room is no particular color. I started out to have it an old blue after my print tea it has assumed a pink color owing to the pink paper shade on my lamp and the pink under my dresser cover.
I have been so very busy lately I just haven’t thought a bit about Christmas presents. I can’t realize the time is so near at hand. We are going to have a time at our table Tuesday night and I have got to work for that.
I really must close as I want to go to bed early as I haven’t been sleeping very well lately.

Best of love to you all.
Mabel Lovett Bishop

Please have you got a cat?

Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed by Heddy Panik.