Historic pictures, memories, and articles about Avon, CT schools

An explanation of this collection

The photos in the Towpath Schoo section include the construction of Towpath School in 1948-1949 along with the speech Mr. Fred Turner gave at the cornerstone placement. The contents of the cornerstone and the cornerstone itself were taken from the building right before it was demolished in 2006 – a huge mystery!

Terri Wilson, President of the Historical Society, lives in the Turner house. Mr. Turner was head of the building committee for this and his wife, Nellie, was an amateur photographer who took all these photos. Their sons gave Terri Wilson these photos. Unfortunately, we do not have the originals.

Brief History of Convalescent Hospital for the Blind

Brief History of Old Farms Convalescent Hospital at Avon Old Farm School for Boys Avon, Connecticut
1944 – 1947

During the years of 1944-1947 something very important began in the small town of Avon, Connecticut. This is the story of how an idea turned into a reality that changed so many lives forever.

During WWII, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established plans for the rehabilitation of men disabled in combat. President Roosevelt emphasized a pro-active approach that the federal government, not private philanthropy, should assume primary responsibility for disabled veterans. Continue reading