April 10, 1899

April [10], 1899

Dear Mamma,
It is now after nine and I have only time to write a few lines before taking a bath and retiring for the night. As you doubtless have inferred I arrived safely and soundly on schedule time.
Mr. & Mrs. Lucian North left Avon on the train with me. They sat right behind me and asked if we ever went to Milford nowadays. Said they were going down to the funeral of her aunt – the only one remaining one of the family with the exception of her father. Saw Belle Case in Plainville and Miss Wells in Hartford. Lillian & her mother didn’t come into Hartford until the 11:19 and as they had some shopping that must be done Lillian did not leave until a later train. Nellie Pease was with her. Stopped off at Springfield & staid 25 minutes with Fraulein who was at the station expecting to see both Lillian & myself but she had to bear up with me alone. She is looking well & is very happy as she has been engaged to go back to Mt. Hermon. The plan of the school has been changed so that it will now keep all through the year. Fraulein then will go back next September to stay until January 1901 having only three vacations of a week each. She is wondering how she will stand it.
Not half of the girls are back yet & it seems so dreary. Most of them – those who don’t come on the Fall River boat – getting there at 9 A.M. tomorrow – will come on night trains tonight. Have got all unpacked and am now all ready to go to bed for a little rest.
I enclosed Elsie’s little gold pin which I carried to ILA’s and hadn’t unpacked since.
Best love to you all & commands that you “go easy” for a day or so. I hope Kate is with you.

Mabel Lovett Bishop

Louise got home Wed. as Fraulein had a letter from Jane.
Please send stamps!!!

Letters were made available courtesy of Wellesley College Archives.
Transcribed by Heddy Panik